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  & Martial Arts Festival
April 15, 2023.

  Get ready . . . you don't
ant to miss it!!! 


ARE YOU SAMURANG STRONG??? . . . We hope so because we are looking forward to our 21st Samurang Games event held again at Falcon Park Recreation Center in Palatine, IL  on April 15, 2023.

     Friday afternoon April 14, 2023 starting at 3 pm:  Moo Do Won International will hold promotional testing for dan (black belt) ranks in Taekwondo, Gumdo, and Hapkido.

     Friday evening April 14, 2023 at 5:30 pm:  Moo Do Won International will host the "Masters Meet" for martial arts school owners and their staff.

   Saturday April 15, 2023:  The main event!  Samurang Games Tournament held from 10:00am to 5:30pm at Falcon Park Recreation Center in Palatine.  This is a great time and experience for both new or veteran athletes.

   What is the Samurang Games? For newcomers, this is a festival style event (Hanmadang in Korean).  Samurang Games are a fun, competitive, exciting, motivating, inspiring and rewarding event held each year.  The tournament on Saturday is broken down into two catagories; contests and events.


CONTESTS:  The contests are standardized challenges that award prizes for reaching specific goals. These are:  

  • Kicking challenges are:  fast roundhouse kick, jump high kick, and spin hook kick

  • Fun agility and fitness challenge is the warrior obstacle course

  • Board breaking challenges are downward hand strike (hammer fist or knife hand), side kick and NEW! speed knife hand

  • Weapon skill challenges are sword thrusting & paper cutting and Weapon Throwing Contest.


  • EVENTS: The second category is the traditional events of Forms, Self-defense and Sparring. These are:  

  •  Forms events are:  individual form, partner / group form (including weapon forms), open weapon, and Koryo Gumdo sword forms. 

  •  Self defense events are:  Tactical and Entertainment.

  •  Sparring events are:  Taekwondo continuous sparring, Koryo Gumdo soft sword engagement sparring, and padded one handed stick sparring.  

There will be awards for all of the contests, including our very unique sparring and forms contest “trophies”.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to read all the rules for this event, and register online in advance.  


Referee & Sparring Seminar
March 10, 2023:

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