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Moo Do Won International

Moo Do Won International's focus is to guide individual school owners and their members to be the best they can be.  We do this with innovative ideas, out of box thinking, an improved state of mind and motivation, and laser like focus on how to reach their school's true potential.  

Moo Do Won International was founded in 1989 by GrandMaster Wood after  GrandMaster Dong Hi Choi passed away, the founder of Moo Do Won USA.

Moo Do Won offers its members benefits and ideas they can use and apply to make their schools grow.  The success these members find allows us to develop bigger and better ways to serve our schools for better student loyalty and to create excellent martial artists who are the pillar of their community.  

Joining Moo Do Won International can help you by:

  • Support from other school owners and Grand Masters with years of experience, expertise and success in a myriad of martial arts including Taekwondo, Gumdo, Karate, Arnis and Hapkido.

  • Rank certification opportunities for schools and their students.

  • Business seminars and workshops that teach you how to develop and apply ideas for your school and its growth.

  • Referee seminars and sport competition for new, developing and experienced athletes that provide them a positive opportunity in martial arts competition

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