Meet the Wood Family

Welcome to JP Wood Martial Arts.  We are a family of martial artists, and our focus is on families.  Come meet our family, and we’d love to meet yours!


Grand Master, Dr. John P. Wood,

Ph. D./Ma. D. Sc.

Grand Master, Dr. John P. Wood is a certified 9th degree black belt  with the Wold Eclectic Combat Arts Council (WECAC). A certified 8th Dan with the Kukkiwon (World Tae Kwon Do Academy), 7th Dan in Koryo Gumdo from the WKGA, and 5th Dan in Dae Han Hapkido from the WJA . and a 2nd Dan in Okinwan Ju Jitsue from the Ryu Kyu Jitsu Assoc. 
He is a certified Grandmaster 1st class and an Examiner 1st class  with the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Academy). J.P. Wood is a retired International Referee from the  WTC and  is  currently  an active  Hanmadang Referee certified certified by Kukkiwon.
Dr. J.P. Wood began his college studies as a physical education major and 
 went on to received his Bachelors Degree in Martial Arts Education and Administration, followed by his Professorship/ Masters degree in Martial Arts Philosophy and then his Doctorate in Martial Arts Science. He has been implementing sound education teaching systems throughout his martial arts career.
J.P. Wood began the martial arts in the Cleveland area in the mid 1970's, and by the time he was 19 years old he was running and teaching his first program under the tutelage of his Instructor.  At age 27 he moved to Palatine, Illinois and continues to teach, along with his wife, to this day.  
Currently  Dr. J.P. Wood is the president and founder of Moo Do Won Int'l , Chairman and founder of Koryo Gumdo Int'l, and is an inducted member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Additionally he was named 2008 Instructor of the Year, in  2009 Koryo Gumdo Master of the year, and in 2018 was inducted into the  Cleveland Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 
Grand Master Wood holds State, National and International Gold Medals in forms and sparring, and has trained hundreds of athletes to National and International titles in Taekwondo and Gumdo.

Grand Master Janice M. Wood

Grand Master Janice M. Wood is a 7th degree Grand Master instructor in Taekwondo, 4th Degree master in Koryo Gumdo and 2nd Degree Instructor in Hapkido. She is a certified Master Instructor and Test Examiner with the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Academy).  International  Referee, Hanmadang referee, and certified Kickboxing and fitness instructor.   
Grand Master Wood is the Director of the Instructor Training Courses for Moo Do Won International, and director of JP Wood’s demonstration team.  She holds State, National and International Gold Medals in both forms and sparring. 
At JP Wood, Mrs. Wood instructs in Koryo Gumdo, preschool through adult Taekwondo classes, workout classes, private lessons, GOLD Team instructor coursework, and demonstration team classes.
She is also very active in her local community on the Executive Board of Directors for the Palatine Area Chamber of Commerce and  Chairperson for the Village of Palatine Zoning Board of Appeals.
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Master John P. Wood Jr. 

Master John P. Wood Jr. is a 5th degree Master Instructor in Taekwondo and 4th degree Master Instructor in Koryo Gumdo.  Master John has a degree in physical education with a certification in health, and specializes in nutrition education and sports performance.  John Jr. is a National Gold Medal Champion in Taekwondo and Gumdo forms and sparring, and International forms and sparring Grand Champion in Koryo Gumdo forms. 
Master John is a former professional pole vaulter, a six time All American collegiate track athlete, and named All –Academic from the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.
Master John is currently an actor and stuntman, teaches private lessons at JP Wood, directs the school's annual stunt action camp, and teaches at several of the school's off site programs.  

Master Rory Wood​

Master Rory D. Wood is a 5th degree master instructor in both Taekwondo and Koryo Gumdo.    Master Rory is a National Gold Medal Champion in Taekwondo and Gumdo sparring and forms,  international forms and sparring Grand Champion in Koryo Gumdo, Samurang Games Grand Champion, and Hanmadang 1st place Champion in creative extreme forms.  He is the former co-director of the school's demonstration team and stunt action camps
Master Rory has a degree in History from Illinois State University, and has completed numerous coursework in stunt choreography.  Rory is married to Lilly Wood (a black belt at the school as they met at JP Wood!).  Master Rory is employed at Bank of America as a trade elevation specialist.  
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Master Casey D. Wood 

Master Casey D. Wood is a 5th degree master instructor in Taekwondo and 4th degree instructor in Koryo Gumdo. Master Casey is a International and National Gold Medal Champion in sparring, forms, multiple Samurang Games Grand Champion, and a Hanmadang 1st place Champion in jumping high kick and spin hook kick, creative forms, and weapon forms. 
Casey graduated summe cum laude from North Central College where he majored in economics, finance and entrepreneurship with a minor in spanish. He also was a pole vaulter on North Central's track team.  When available Casey is a member of J.P. Wood’s demonstration team and co-instructs the school's summer stunt action camp. Casey worked for Heartland Bank for two  years when he got the calling, and currently is in the seminary studying to be a Catholic Priest.