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Kukkiwon Certification

The Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Academy in charge of black belt testing and certification for the World Taekwondo Federation, and it is located in Seoul Korea.


The World Taekwondo Federation, which is the international governing body for Taekwondo, requires that all those who wish to compete, referee, or coach in World Taekwondo Federation or Kukkiwon sponsored seminars, trainings course and competitions be Kukkiwon certified.   This certification is offered through our school for those who wish to apply.

GrandMaster John P. Wood is a Kukkiwon 8th Dan, 1st Class Instructor and 1st Class Test Examiner.  GrandMaster Janice M. Wood is a Kukkiwon 6th Dan, 2nd Class Instructor and 2nd Class Test Examiner.  These grandmasters oversee exams for martial artists and martial arts school owners up to  Kukkiwon 7th Dan.   Additionally they have helped numerous school owners and black belt students obtain their Kukkiwon rank.  

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