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Belt Certificatiom

Certification for Color Belts and Black Belts

J.P. Wood Martial Arts America uses a curriculum based program for students' skill development.  In this way, students learn and practice different subjects that apply to their martial arts training and then are evaluated on these subjects for promotion to the next belt rank. Along with these subjects, student must accumulate training/class hours to be eligible to take an upcoming exam. This way the students have had enough time to learn, practice and improve on their respective skills, and will be ready to successfully test and promote to their next level.

We hold six main exams per year for our year around programs of  Taekwondo and Koryo Gumdo.

We hold three evaluations per year for our session programs of Light Saber and Hapkido.

The student exam consists of physical fitness, applicable skill curriculum, and may include some oral or written questions.  

Our students test onsite under the guidance of Grandmaster  Dr. John P.Wood and Chief Master Janice M. Wood. 


Black belts who qualify in their martial art are certified  through the relevant organization.

   - Moo Do Won International 

   - World Eclectic Combat Arts Council ( WECAC) 

   - Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Academy 

   - Koryo Gumdo International 

Black Belt Qualification 

J.P.Wood Martial Arts America uses the Kukkiwon guidelines for 1st poom/dan and higher eligibility.

Students who test for black belt age 14 and younger will receive POOM ranking (junior classification).

Students who test for black belt age 15 and older will receive DAN ranking (adult classification). 

Applying for Deputy Black belt a student must have 280 hours of training. Applying for 1st Poom/Dan a student must have 360 hours of training.  


 Rank                                              AGE                     Continued training 

Exam for Black Belt         :    all ages                           About 2.5  to 4 years       

To Deputy Black belt      :     all ages                           2 month 

Dep to1st poom/dan      :    all ages                            6 month 

1st to 2nd poom/dan      :    all ages                           1 to 1.5 years

2nd to 3rd poom/dan     :    all ages                            2 years

3rd to 4th poom/dan      :    all ages                            3 years

Rank                                               AGE                      Continued training

4th to 5th Dan                :     minimum age 25                     4 years

5th to 6th Dan                :     minimum age 30                     5 years

6th to 7th Dan                :     minimum age 36                     6 years 

7th to 8th Dan                :     minimum age 44                     8 years

8th to 9th Dan                :     minimum age 53                     9 years

Their are some exceptions to the general rule for 5th and 6th dan,

these can be found on the Kukkiwon website 

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