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Our School Philosophy

Our Mission is to impact our community

in a positive and productive way.

        Our goal is Total Success for your Mind and Body.  How do we accomplish this lofty goal?

       1.  Empowering you with self-confidence and self-defense skills - this very well could be the most important thing you learn with our classes.

       2.  Energizing you with improved fitness, strength and conditioning - being physically strong helps you stay mentally strong also.

       3.  Supporting your efforts with top notch instructors and role models - our instructors have been with our school an average of 15 years.  We kick together and stick together!

       4.   Developing work and study habits.  We instruct an educational based system where curriculum is taught in defferent subject matters.  Our instructional cuycles include new and review material each cycle.  Students learn in both individual and cooperative learning models for their future success in school, work and life.


       4.  Engraining success in your life with goal oriented curriculum and character building programs. These programs emphasize perseverance, courtesy, integrity, leadership, making positive choices and more.

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