Our School Philosophy

Our Mission is to impact our community

in a positive and productive way.

We do this by teaching valuable lessons that will impact one’s life on a daily basis.


We Help You Succeed By:

          Empowering you with self-confidence.
Energizing you with improved fitness.
Supporting your efforts through mentors.

           Engraining success in your life with

              goal oriented programs.


We Are About

Total Success for your Mind, Body and Spirit


Welcome and thank you for your interest in our school!  Here is how we will establish your path to success.

  • We develop foundations for physical education:  We ​teach  and practice the benefits of exercising,  stretching, and agility while offering curriculum to improve martial arts skill levels. 

  • We develop work and study habits:   At JP Wood, we instruct an educational based system where curriculum is taught in different subject matters.  Our instructional cycles include new and review material evaluated throughout each cycle.  We instruct our students in individual and cooperative learning models for their future success in school, work and life.   

  • Self Image:  We help students gain the confidence to be self reliant and persevere through challenges in order to achieve goals and success in life.

  • Health:  Through our Character Building Program, we educate our students and practice the importance of developing the discipline needed to make positive emotional and physical decisions throughout their lives.

  • Respect:  From their first day, we train our students to show respect and integrity in their lives, and to their families, instructors and fellow students.

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