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Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024        Female Teen/Adult          Self-Defense Seminar

“I’ve been to a number of self- defense seminars, and this by far was the best. The information was very informative. The instructor taught effective techniques in an easy to understand manner. I really enjoyed the class, and highly, highly recommend this to others.” - Mary T., age 20

                                10:30 am - 12:30 pm

self defense picture_edited.jpg
  • Practical and effective self- defense techniques

  • Where, how, and what to hit

  • Practice basic strikes and kicks

  • How to release and defend from holds, chokes, grabs, and more

  • Learn to Stun and Run!

  • Awareness, avoidance, common sense information, and controlling your body’s reaction

  • Attack areas of the body, pepper spray, date rape drugs, personal alarms, Q &A

Who:          Female teens & adults, ages 13 and up
What to wear:         Comfortable exercise clothing
Instructors:      Grand Masters Jan and John Wood
Cost:           $12 with all proceeds benefiting Safe and Aware aiding victims of domestic abuse.
Sign up:  Call Jan Wood at 847 / 705-8714       
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