Upcoming Events at JP Wood

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Testing News:

  Wednesday, April 21 at 5 pm


Thursday, April 22nd at 5 pm

   Saturday, April 24th

Early Test - Dragons and Taekwondo

Dragon Main Test

Taekwondo Main Testing


  1. Test forms are due in advance.

  2. Test at the main test if at all possible. Make up testing is only for those students who definitely cannot make the main test.

  3. If testing or graduating for black belt rank (not a phase), you must test at the main test. If this is absolutely not possible, see GrandMaster Wood about testing.

Black Belt Workout Classes

Advanced and Black Belt Classes are as follows:

  Ages 11 and older:  Tuesday and Thursdays at 7 pm

  Ages 8 through adult:  Mondays and Fridays at 6 pm, Thursdays at 5 pm

Samurang Game Practices

Samurang Games practices will resume next year.

Holiday Closings

May 25th

April 4th

July 4th

Sept. 7th

Oct 31st

Nov. 26 through 28

Dec. 24 through 28

Dec. 31 through Jan. 4

Memorial Day

Samurang Games

Independence Day

Labor Day


Thanksgiving Holiday

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