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Upcoming Events at JP Wood

  • Demonstration at Palatine Street Fest                        Sat. August 26th at 5 pm

  • Female Teen / Adult Self Defense Seminar                Thurs. Sept. 14 from 7 - 9 pm

  • Gumdo Testing                                                                                     Fri. Sept. 22 at 7 pm 

  • Booth at Palatine Expo & showcase                                             Sat. Sept. 23 from 10 am to 2 pm

  • Demonstration at Palatine Expo & Showcase (Falcon Rec Ctr)     Sat. Sept. 23 

  • Fall Fun Fest at Palatine Plaza                                   Sat. Oct. 21 

Holiday Closings 2023

 May 26th - 29th

April  15th

July 1st

July 4th

Sept. 4th

Oct 31st

Nov. 23rd through 25th

Dec. 25 through 27

Jan. 1 through 3

Memorial Day Weekend

Samurang Games

Independence Day Parade

Independence Day

Labor Day


Thanksgiving Holiday

Christmas Holiday

New Year Holiday

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