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Character Building



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, live more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

 John Quincy Adams


Some people are natural born leaders while others work hard to excel in a leadership role.  Many people would like to take a leadership position but lack the self confidence to take on a leadership role.  Leadership means taking control and responsibility for the end result, and that is not always easy. 


  Leadership requires:

  • Self confidence

  • Determination

  • Ability to persevere (never, never give up)

  • Taking responsibility for your actions

  • A vision of what you want to accomplish

  • Setting goals, the action plan to reach your goals, and the hard work to accomplish them

  • Followers that share your vision and will help reach your goals


LEADERS IN OUR LIVES HELP SHAPE THE PERSON WE BECOME.  Most of us can’t name today’s world leaders or maybe the last five presidents, but we almost all remember our first teacher, a special grandparent or a family friend that help mold your values.  Think about an important leader in your life, they probably aren’t famous but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an important leader.


While we all can’t be leaders of the country or the world, we can be a leader in our own world. You can also be a leader in your family, your martial arts school, your academic school, your sports team, or your club.  What would you like to be a leader in?

Take the JP Wood Leadership Challenge!!!!

Our prior Character Building Ttheme was a large one - the Tenets of Martial Arts!  Here is what we worked on: 
Theme # 1 January through March 2021 was Courtesy. Wow, this is something we can all use a lot of these days.  Common courtesty sometimes is not that common - practice being polite and treating people the way you want to be treated.  Say hello, please, thank you, and look to help others before they have to ask.

Theme # 2:  April and May 2021 was Integrity.  Being honest, and do the right thing no matter who is looking, or if no one is looking.  It is sometimes hard to be honest, but we look for friends and workers that we can trust.

Theme # 3:  June and July 2021 was Perseverance.  Never, never, never, never give up.  If you want to accomplish something that is good for you, keep trying!

Theme # 4:  September through December 2021 was Self Control.  Discipline yourself to accomplish your goals.  With self control, you control yourself and your destiny.

Theme # 5:  February through April 2022 is our last tenet - Indomitable Spirit.  An inner force for the best version of you.  The dynamic energy that gives you inner confidence and strength to accomplish that which seems impossible, and the drive to finish the task.

Missing any theme worksheets?  Download them below!

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