Character Building


Theme # 1 January through March 2021 is Courtesy.  See handout with eight weeks of understanding and practicing Courtesy.  We have shout outs to many of our students that exemplify this important tenet and trait - see list on school bulletin board.

Theme # 2:  April and May 2021 is Integrity.  Being honest, and doing the right think no matter who is looking.

Theme # 3:  June and July 2021 is Perseverance.  Never, never, never, never give up.

Theme # 4:  August and September 2021 is Self Control.  Discipline yourself to accomplish your goals, and control your destiny.

Theme # 5:  October and November 2021 - Indomitable Spirit.  An inner force for the best version of you.

December 2021 - Wrap up and overview of our success in 2021.