Character Building

TOTAL SUCCESS IN 2021 and 2022

Theme # 1 January through March 2021 was Courtesy. Wow, this is something we can all use a lot of these days.  Common courtesty sometimes is not that common - practice being polite and treating people the way you want to be treated.  Say hello, please, thank you, and look to help others before they have to ask.

Theme # 2:  April and May 2021 was Integrity.  Being honest, and do the right thing no matter who is looking, or if no one is looking.  It is sometimes hard to be honest, but we look for friends and workers that we can trust.

Theme # 3:  June and July 2021 was Perseverance.  Never, never, never, never give up.  If you want to accomplish something that is good for you, keep trying!

Theme # 4:  September through December 2021 was Self Control.  Discipline yourself to accomplish your goals.  With self control, you control yourself and your destiny.

Theme # 5:  February through April 2022 is our last tenet - Indomitable Spirit.  An inner force for the best version of you.  The dynamic energy that gives you inner confidence and strength to accomplish that which seems impossible, and the drive to finish the task.

Missing any theme worksheets?  Download them below!