We are open on Tues. January 29th for classes, we are closed on Weds. Jan 30th due to the extreme cold.


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We are open for in person group classes,  in person and online private lessons, and group classes by zoom and livestream.   We follow all State of Illinois Covid protocol, and offer:

Taekwondo, Hapkido, Koryo Gumdo Sword

Winner of 2021 Palatine Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award!!

What's Going On At JP Wood? 

One-On-One Extended Coaching

Master John Wood Jr. is looking to work with a few people who want to drastically improve their skills.

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About Us

The premiere martial arts school in Palatine focusing on providing top notch instruction in a family atmosphere for your success.  Come train and grow in your self-confidence, focus, and respect while sweating and having fun learning self-defense and physical fitness.
We offer classes in Taekwondo, Preschool / Kindergarten Martial Arts, Koryo Gumdo (Korean sword), Hapkido (self-defense art), Strength & Conditioning, and Light Saber.  We focus on physical fitness, your health, and your success in school, work and in life.
Come join this rare Grand Master husband and wife team on your journey to success.  

Our Programs



Come see how fun, exciting and awesome classes can be as you learn the most popular martial arts in America.  You or your child will grow physically strong, and mentally tough, while gaining self-control, self-confidence and focus.


Koryo Gumdo Sword

Want to learn the coolest martial art while swinging a sword?  Come join us for this awesome sword martial art taught by Grand Master John P. Wood, chairman of Koryo Gumdo International!


Light Saber

You too can be a Jedi- member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films, trained to guard peace and justice in the universe. Learn light saber forms, drills, skills and much more!

Our Students


What Our Members Are Saying

"Very Professional"

I have been here for almost 14 years, and could not even think of going to another place. The school is family owned and has supported the community since they started. They are able to teach adults to kids and make it as challenging as you need it. They provide more than just martial arts. They stress fitness, leadership, and nutrition to name a few. Come in and see for yourself.


"Best Decision of My Life"

“Before I started in the martial arts, I was a self- proclaimed couch potato. Joining J P Wood’s was one of the best decisions of my life (second only to asking my wife to marry me). Grandmaster Wood and the staff at the school make all the exercises and training fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore and I actually look forward to going to class. The health benefits and discipline I have gained by being a part of the school not to mention all the friends I have made has made my experience so enjoyable.”

"Great Instructors"

“The Woods are really great people and great instructors. They get you working and push you to achieve your best with encouragement and positive feedback. No matter what your level of fitness or coordination or skill, they will help you become better.” 



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