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We are open on Tues. January 29th for classes, we are closed on Weds. Jan 30th due to the extreme cold.

Martial Arts Class

New Student Special Spring 2023


Summer Camps 2023


About Us

Based in Palatine, Illinois, Grand Masters John and Jan Wood have been educating kids, teens, and adults for over 30 years!

We focus on providing top notch instruction in a family atmosphere. Come train with us to grow your confidence, fitness, and discipline while learning all about martial arts and self-defense.

To learn more about us and our instructors, click below.

Summer Camps

Nerf Camp #1

Ages 8 and Older - Mon, Jun 12

Target, accuracy, quickness, agility practice, team tactics, and giant Nerf battles with obstacles await you.


Ninja Time Camp

Ages 4 - 7 - Mon, Jun 19

Looking for a great camp for your younger child – you’ve found it! This camp is for four-year-old preschoolers through 1st graders looking for a camp with lots of obstacle courses, ninja agility skills, and more.


Light Saber, Nunchuck, and Sword Camp

Ages 7 and Older - Mon, Jul 17

Be a Jedi, Samurai and Ninja in this great camp training in light saber, sword, and nunchucks. You will gain instruction and experience, and learn some great skills.

Our Programs


Tae Kwon Do
Preschool - Kindergarten

Find our why Tiny Tigers and Flying Dragons are awesome!  Your child will have fun, be active, and learn martial arts and agility skills along with important traits of respect, confidence, and focus.   We have session classes for our Tigers, and year round classes for our Dragons.

Tae Kwan Do Uniform

     Taekwondo         1st grade - Adults

Come see how exciting classes can be as you learn the most popular martial art in America.  You or your child will grow physically strong and mentally tough while training to learn kicks, strikes, self-defense, forms, sparring, agility and more along with our structured character building program! We have both all age "family" classes for 1st grade through adults, and teen/adult only classes for ages 13 and older.  

Samurai Sword

Koryo Gumdo

Want to learn the coolest martial art while wielding a sword?  Come join this full martial art and train in sword drills and skills, self-defense, padded soft sword sparring, forms, and target cutting taught by Grand Master John P. Wood, president of Koryo Gumdo International! These classes are for ages 11+.

Our Students