Volunteer Opportunities

With lots of school and community events, we always have lots of opportunities for you to Volunteer.
Why volunteer?  Maybe it is better to ask, "Why not?" Volunteering helps to improve your community and school, grows your skills while helping others learn and grow, gives you a sense of pride, and contributes to the greater good of all.  
Can I earn school or community volunteer hours?  Yes!

Read below for upcomming opportunities:

April 1 - 2, 2022

To make this event a success, it takes a LOT of people and we are inviting students, brothers, sisters, moms and dads to volunteer to help run the tournament. Please sign up to help (parents that volunteer will still be able to watch their children compete).

All volunteers who sign up in advance and work a minimum # of hours will receive:

1. Admission to the Samurang Games (postponed this year)

2. Admission to Meet the Masters
3. Meal ticket on Saturday

4. Event t-shirt (if you didn’t receive one last year)