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Teen & Adult Taekwondo

Monday-Friday Evenings / Saturday Mornings

      Come learn the most popular martial art in America.  We cover a multitude of skills for overall strength, athleticism, confidence and success in your high school and college years, and beyond.  Many of our students have started in our program as young junior students and grown into successful, and confident adults in the fields of nuclear physics, chemical engineering, criminal justice, medicine, law, education, computer programming and more.  Our overall physical, agility and strength training leads our students to success in high school and college athletics.  Our students learn the important qualities of hard work, perseverance, respect and integrity for overall success. Although we work hard, we have a lot of fun and make lifelong friendships.


     Classes vary from week to week with disguised repetition for proficiency and muscle memory. Teen and adult students have the option of attending the teen and adult classes and/or the family Taekwondo classes. See our schedule of classes for the times and days of week these classes are offered. Curriculum includes the following:

  1. Agility, speed, calisthenics, and strength training

  2. Effective self defense techniques that include strikes, kicks, holds, grabs, releases from holds, and defenses against a variety of attacks and weapons. 

  3. Basic - advanced training in kicks, strikes and blocks.

  4. Board breaking to practice effective striking.

  5. Modified Olympic style sparring - we learn footwork drills and skills and then apply these in this sport aspect of Taekwondo.

  6. Forms - the art of Taekwondo, we teach patterns of movements to improve, focus, distancing, timing, expression of spirit, and repetition of moves.  


        Included with your membership are Strength and Conditioning classes two nights a week as well as one monthly private lesson!

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