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Family Taekwondo

Monday-Friday Evenings / Saturday Mornings

     There is a reason Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in America - it's fun, effective, and the benefits are almost too many to include here. Focus, discipline, strength building, flexibility, respect, coordination, physical fitness, self-confidence and all important self-defense skills to protect yourself against bullies and others.  


      These classes are open to 1st grade students through teen and adults.  Students can come by themselves, or with a family member.  This is a program the whole family can attend. Remember... families that kick together, stick together! Classes vary from week to week with disguised repetition for proficiency and muscle memory.  


     How do these classes work with these different age groups?  Students begin classes together and then break up into groups based on ages and abilities.  Classes include stretching, exercises, activities, agility skills, and drills, and also self- defense, footwork, tumbling, board breaking, forms and sparring.  Students wear uniforms and progress in belts.


    Family classes are offered at our main school ten times a week throughout the year (with additional morning classes in the summer), and most students attend two classes of their choice a week.  See our Schedule of Classes for exact days and times.  Students are also part of our character building program working on various themes throughout the year, and classes include a monthly private lesson.

Practicing Martial Arts
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