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Want to learn self- defense in a great classroom scenario?  Come join us in our Hapkido class sessions.

The  Hapkido educational experience  you receive at J.P.Wood MAA develops your mind, body and spirit. We access the scenario and execute appropriate measures. GM Wood approaches your learning with fundamentals then introduces the option that fit your personality and body type so you can own your martial art.  Here are some of the thing you will be learn. 
Your Mind​
  • Situation Assessment methods
  • Approach and engagement procedures 
  • Compliance tactics
Your Body
  • Footwork and distance control 
  • Practical striking and kicking for self-defense
  • Throws and falling techniques
  • Holds and escapes 
  • Pressure point  and submission  applications
  • Practical weapon use and weapon defense skills 
Your Spirit 
  • Developing confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Keeping calm and taking charge in emergency situations 
  • Having the courtesy, integrity and self control to be successful in your thoughts and actions. 
Class time
2nd week in January, April and September
Fridays from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Eight to Nine Week Sessions
Grandmaster Wood
Age 14  thru adult 
$129.00 for new members.
    - New members receive a school uniform.
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