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Flying Dragons Taekwondo

Monday-Friday Evenings / Saturday Mornings

Preschool & Kindergarten


      Come join us because "Flying Dragons" are awesome!  Flying Dragons is our program for four year olds through kindergarten students. You won't believe the numerous benefits your child will receive from these programs - flexibility, coordination, physical fitness, and martial arts skills along with focus, respect, and confidence.   


    Have you been looking for a fun class that builds character and burns energy? Look no further! Classes include not only stretching, activities, skills, exercises and drills, but also self- defense, footwork, tumbling, board breaking, forms and sparring drills. 


       Students wear uniforms and progress in belt ranks. Classes are offered at our main school six times a week throughout the year, and most students attend two classes of their choice a week.  Students will also be part of our character building program working on various themes such as courtesy, perseverance, leadership and more.  Classes also include one monthly private lesson. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch classes!

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