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A 20 Year Legacy of

Excellent Martial Art Competition

For over 20 years, the Samurang Games in Palatine hosted by JP Wood Martial Arts has been the pillar of martial arts competition and excellence.  Bringing together schools from all over the Midwest Suburbs of Chicago, friendly competition and 


For the 15+ competition in Fast Kicking, we have had 3 way tie between Bobby Widlowski (2013), Choy Ronqillo (2012) from JP Wood, and Fatima Cruz (2019) from Impacto Martial Arts.  They all were able to kick the target 20 times in 12 seconds!

Henry Hathaway from JP Wood has the best record for the 9+ age group with 13.88 sec.

A student performing bag kicks at the 2019 Samurang Games

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Our Masters breaking competition has never been it's best until Dan Chalkwater from Fuzion destroyed 20 boards in 2015.

Max Torres from Des Plains broke 13 boards, setting the record for the 15 and under catagory.

Finally for the 9 and under, Evan Levine from JP Wood broke an astounding 12 boards.


Dan Chalkwater and JP Wood

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